Refund and Returns Policy

1.Refund Policy

Every effort will be made to maintain the freshness of the flowers. However, if they are completely spoiled and cannot be used, we give 50% of cost of flowers as a refund, but not the UPS, FedEx, or Southwest charges. You must support your claim with a photo.

We do our best to ship your order on time. If the product arrives after the event date due to reasons beyond our control, we cannot refund the cost. Please discard the shipment.  

If the products arrive later than the event date due to our failure to ship on time, please e-mail us the details, and your money will be refunded. Please do not send the flowers back.

If the event was cancelled or postponed, your $500 deposit cannot be refunded. 


Need help?

Contact us at for questions related to refunds and returns.