USA and India made Gajara, Vani

Carnation Gajaras are made here in USA. They are fresh and stay fresh for three to four days. Since it is made here in USA, it can be shipped any day of the week. Gajara or Vani, Sara which are made with rose pedals, Sampangi, Jasmine and also combination of these flowers, are imported from India. Each gajara is 12 inches (1 foot) long. Since we get shipment from India only on Thursday, we can deliver these Gajara or Vani to you on only Friday or Saturday. They stay fresh for two to three days as long as you keep them in the fridge. During checkout the system will ask for delivery date and delivery address. You must place the order at least one week before the delivery date. We deliver the Gajara on that date via UPS overnight delivery system.